Reflections about life

Reflections about life

Balance your actions - where are the borders between things worth doing and things not worth doing

It's ok to do things you don't like sometimes in order to achieve something you do like, but don't do things you hate on a daily basis. If your relationship or your job are not at least good stop them if possible.
If you have to try too hard for something, maybe it is not ment to be. Try hard but learn when to stop trying also.

Suitability - what is good for you

Don't expect people or things in your life to be perfect. Expect them to have the advantages you love and disadvantages which you can live well with.
If something is not right for you, make just a try to change it if you really want it, but if it does not respond well it will probably never change and you should find something else.

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Anca Cristina Marini
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